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BFD Rules & Regs

Posted by b_f_d_mod on July 8, 2005 at 3:20

BFD Rules & Regs

Important Things to Remember:

We are FIRST and FOREMOST a community designed to provide writing resource links and HELPFUL advice for fanfic authors.

We are also a DISCUSSION community for authors, feedbackers and readers of fanfic -- a place to share thoughts and rants in a friendly fashion!

  1. Learn to use the lj-cut tag, please. Seriously, it's not that difficult. (And you'll be able to use it all over LiveJournal, once you know how.)

    Here's the CODE for the lj-cut tag:

    Put lengthy posts (etc.) here!


    <lj-cut text="My Own Text">
    Put lengthy posts (etc.) here!

    (Pretty easy, right?)

  2. This is NOT a place to share your actual fanfic. However, we realize that occasionally you might want to post portions of a fanfic as an example of a given point you're trying to make, etc. This is entirely acceptable.

    Remember that fanfic belongs BEHIND an lj-cut tag, please -- with appropriate WARNINGS attached.

  3. This is an all-age community, so appropriate language is appreciate. That said, this community is moderated by adults and will include mature subject matter. Please put mature posts behind an lj-cut tag and WARN (mature content). If you want to use strong language in your post, do the same.

    Underage members will be expected to AVOID any posts with 'mature content' warnings (and can be banned for ignoring these warnings).

    We prefer to leave the community open to everyone, but we feel it's important not to expose underage individuals to inappropriate content. (Enough said.)

  4. Humor? Humor is a GOOD thing! In fact, we consider it a MUST. It can make things more friendly -- and keep things from being too 'deadly serious.' So share amusing icons you've seen, funny comics, etc.

  5. Sharing images? Totally cool. But all images -- without exception -- must be put behind an lj-cut tag, regardless of size. (It's simply easier to treat all images the same, so there's no question as to the rules.)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Always (always) CREDIT the creator of any graphic you share, please. (Even if the creator is YOU!) If someone sees an image here that they've created and asks for it to be removed, we will immediately comply. Period.

  6. Need to rant? Sure, why not? That's part of what we'll be doing here -- ranting about problems with fanfic and the fanfic world. Please 'rant' warn if you feel your post is a rant (or leans toward ranting), and place the majority of the content behind an lj-cut tag. That way those who prefer to avoid potentially controversial posts can simply pass on by.

  7. Flaming is bad. (See here.) But we don't buy the concept that having strong opinions -- and sharing them -- means you're flaming. Remember, flaming isn't being honesty about fanfic quality (or lack thereof), rather it's making a personal attack. Don't flame, please. But don't assume anything that's hard to hear is a flame.

  8. Get a thicker skin, PLEASE. If you're an author of fanfic, you need to learn to take the BAD comments (and feedback) along with the GOOD. Even if you're 12 and writing you're first-ever fanfic, we here will be treating you like an ADULT -- meaning we expect you to act like one. (Enough said.)

The MODERATORS reserve the right to change these rules at any time. They will also be given some leeway regarding all rules, in return for their work on the BFD project.

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